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  • What Can A MedSpa Provide?

      MedSpas have been getting a lot of attention lately, mainly because of how much help that you can get in relation to your skin care and your overall health and wellness. They provide a lot of services that you would find in a typical spa, but there is a doctor (usually a plastic surgeon) on staff that can provide… read more

  • Learn About Medical Marijuana

    If you are new to medical marijuana, you may be wondering just what you should use. Once you go to any of the dispensaries in your area, you will quickly learn that there is a huge variety of different strains. Each one has its own unique effect and each person is different. You will need to find the medical strains… read more

  • How Coffee Affects Your Mouth & Teeth

    Most people start each day with a hot cup -or two- of coffee. It’s the pick-me-up that helps get the day started, offering that much needed boost of energy when rolling back over in the bed sounds more appealing than anything else.  Consuming coffee even has a few health benefits when drank in moderation. However, coffee also has many negative… read more

  • Keloid Facts & Remedies

      This short informational article focuses on the removal of keloids. Keloid Removal will be better understood and appreciated once interested readers have apprized themselves on just what characterizes the keloid and what causes it. In the bluntest layman’s terms possible, keloids are rather unsightly blemishes on the body. But this is not something you are born with. It generally… read more

  • Benefits of CBD and Dealing With the Paranoia

      In the context of the positive tone taken towards the use of cannabidiol (or CBD), the paranoia relates to the ongoing stigma attached to using all products derived from the cannabis plant. But cannabidiol benefits do appear to far outweigh the known side-effects drawn from the natural plant’s use. It can be argued, for once and for all, that… read more

  • Benefits of Visiting a Sauna

    Bathing in a sauna is an invigorating experience that men and women of all ages can enjoy anytime they need physical or mental rejuvenation. Saunas help relax the muscles, instantly relieving tension and resolving sore muscles. People across the world use saunas on a regular basis and state they feel their best after the experience. If you’d like to visit… read more

  • Health Benefits of Marijuana

    The FDA recently recommended marijuana to GW Pharmaceuticals, stating that it is a ‘breakthrough’ treatment that can help patients thrive through many different health conditions and ailments. The stigma surrounding marijuana has certainly improved over the years and when agencies like the FDA make such recommendations, it is plain to see that we are, in fact, improving our thoughts. But,… read more

  • How Can You Legally Obtain Marijuana?

      If you’re someone that is looking for marijuana – either for recreational purposes or medical – you will often find that there are many hoops that you’ll need to jump through to make it happen. In what ways can you legally obtain cannabis? What do you have to work through in order to make it happen? Let’s take a… read more

  • What Careers Are Available in Broadcasting?

    If you’ve been looking at career opportunities in media, you’ve likely been looking at many different ways you can get exactly what you’re looking for. If broadcasting is somewhere that you want to be, what sorts of things could you possibly do when you’re choosing a major at a Media School in Columbus? There are many different job opportunities that… read more